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Latest  Version: Professional V 3.7.0  
Released Date: Dec 20, 2011  
Release Notes:


 1. New: Support more file types when recovering files by known type.
 2. New: Can preview files in a large window.
 3. New: Support preview office documents including WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint files.
 4. Enhanced: After recovering files, the number and capacity of selected files will be displayed on the status bar.
 5. Enhanced: Change the accelerator key F9 and F10 for back up and restore partition table to F2 and F3.
 6. Fixed: A bug of lost partition recovery.
 7. Fixed: A bug of formatting NTFS partition under Windows 7.
 8. Fixed: Program may run into endless loop when recovering files by type.


 1. New: Recovery lost files from unallocated disk space.
 2. New: Extra search for known file types when recovering files.
 3. New: Recovery files by known type and output immediately(can scan free clusters only).
 4. New: Construct virtual RAID for data recovery.
 5. Enhanced: Add a Open Folder button to the File Copy dialog box. Click it will open the target folder.
 6. Enhanced: Can save file recovery progress to a file for later continue.
 7. Enhanced: When repairing bad tracks, try to keep the sector data unchanged to decrease data lose.
 8. Enhanced: Prevent changing the drive letter of the system partition.
 9. Fixed: Refresh partitions after erasing the sectors of a partition or a disk.
10. Fixed: The Arranging Files operation may take very long time when recovering lost files.
11. Fixed: Can not recover lost files from BitLocker partition.
12. Fixed: When backing up a NTFS partition to separate image files, the image files may become unusable.
13. Fixed: The file size may become 0 byte when extract it from a partition image file.


1. Erase sectors of a disk or a partition, can specify sector range and fill type.
2. Permanently delete files. After this operation the files will not be undeleted by any software.
3. Support reading files from Samsung RFS File system partition.
4. Add a file filter panel for File Recovery function. you can filter files by name, attributes, size and time.


1. Enhanced: When recovering files, speed up file organizing at the final stage.
2. Support creating folder with special file name when copying files.
3. Add Show System Files menu item for the DOS version.

Bug Fixed:

1. Can not cancel the formatting process of the quick partition function.
2. Program may crash when quit the program.
3. Can not correctly display the USB-FDD disk sometimes.
4. On the quick partition dialogue, when clicking the Default Size button, the partition type was reset unexpectedly.
5. Bad track repairing may failed sometimes.
6. When files were written to a partition, after the partition was refreshed, the files may disappeared sometimes.
7. The drive letter of unformatted partition do not displayed sometimes.
8. When recover files from FAT32 partition, not all files can be recovered.


 1. Support recovering large and very fragmented files.
 2. Question resolved: In some cases the data of the recovered files may not correct.
 3. Support searching the partitions by cylinders. Only the partitions aligned to cylinders could be found.
 4. Display the starting sector number of unknown type partitions and free space on partition information panel.
 5. Do not write the Local AppWizard-Generated Applications registry key.
 6. Fixed: The verify bad tracks on removable disks it always report errors.
 7. Fixed: Can not assign drive letter after quick partition on Windows 2003 PE system.
 8. Fixed: Can not correctly delete the second logical partition after the first one was already deleted.
 9. Fixed: After recovering deleted files and reloading the partition, the deleted folders still displayed on the directory tree.
10. Fixed: In some cases some files of FAT file system can not displayed.
11. Fixed: Program may crashed on some anomalous partition table.
12. Fixed: In some cases an unwanted drive letter may displayed when a USB disk was inserted.
13. Fixed: After writing some files into NTFS partition under DOS system, the files could not be found by Windows system.
14. Fixed: Can not find logical partitions from the free space sometimes.
15. Fixed: After recovering files on NTFS partition, some files could not be displayed in some cases.
16. Fixed: After recovering files on NTFS partition, the Lost Files folder did not displayed.
17. Fixed: When copying files to NTFS compressed partition the files was not compressed.
18. Fixed: When setting the volume name of NTFS partition, if the new name is shorter than the old one, the volume will be not correct.


1. Use Windows XP's MBR when rebuilding master boot record.
2. Fixed: All SAVING FILES menu items are disabled when recovering files on Version 3.4.2.
3. Fixed: When copying files to an abnormally dismounted partition, the file copying dialog not be closed.
4. Fixed: Can not assign drive letter after quick partition on Windows PE system.
5. Fixed: When booting from the partition which restored from a partition image file on Windows PE system, the operating system may crash and display a blue screen.
6. Fixed: When exploring partition image (.pmf file), some files may not be displayed.
7. Fixed: Can not activate DOS version when register.


1. When recovering files, save searching progress automatically per 2 minutes.
2. Display types information of virtual disks on Disk Information panel.
3. When activate a partition, if the partition is hidden, cancel the hidden flag automatically.
4. When hiding a system partition, do not try to lock it.
5. Add a "Read-Verification" option on Bad Track Verification dialog. When this option was selected, the verification result will depend on
the reading operation.
6. Enhance keyboard operation. TAB key to switch input focus. Ctrl_Left and Ctrl_Right key to switch current partition or space.
7. Add an "Ignore the partitions without files" checkbox on Search Lost Partitions dialog. When this option was selected, the partitions
found without files will be ignored automatically.
8. Fixed: Can not open the FAT32 partition when the root directory has a same filename with volume label.
9. Fixed: Can not set volume label for FAT32 partition when there is a same filename.
10. Fixed: Program crashed when formatting a very small FAT32 partition.


1. Support Virtual PC disk files(".vhd" file).
2. Support VirtualBox disk files(".vdi" file).
3. Support directly load and extract files from NTFS partition image backed up by files.
4. Support the disks with non-512 bytes sector size.
5. Support BitLocker encrypted partitions.
6. Can display cluster allocation diagram of each partition.
7. Support rename files and folders.


1. New search mode for the function of searching lost partitions, simplify search settings. Do not use the automatic and advanced mode again.
2. When copying files, do not permit saving files to newly found partitions.
3. While recovering lost files from a partition, PartitionGuru can automatically recover files from origin FAT32 and NTFS file systems at the same time.
4. The function of recovering lost files can automatically save recovery progress. When searching again, the recovery progress can be loaded and continue.
5. On the file browsing list control, the deleted file and the files without parent are distinguished by special icons.
6. When a partition was destroyed, PartitionGuru can try its best to list the file for recovering.
7. When creating new partition, the input focus is automatically set to the size control on the "create new partition" dialogue.
8. After creating a new partition, the next free space will be automatically selected. When creating the second partition, the partition type will be automatically set to "extended". If there are already three primary partitions, when creating the fourth partition, the partition type will be automatically set to "extended" also.
9. Add alignment options to the "Create new partition" dialogue. It can be used for aligning the partition position and size to the integral multiple of the specified sector numbers.
10. Add alignment options to the "Create ESP and MSR partition" dialogue.
11. Add alignment options to the "Quick partition" dialogue. All partitions can be aligned to the integral multiple of the specified sector numbers.
12. On the function of "Make USB Bootable Disk", the "Create DOS system" option on the formatting dialogue can be selected or not. While making FDD disk, the FAT32 file system type can not be selected because FreeDOS do not support it.
13. When formatting NTFS partition, set the default cluster size and the position of the metafiles like $MFT to same as the Windows formatting program.
14. The function of formatting NTFS partition do not support the cluster size larger than 64KB.
15. Change the interface style to XP mode.
16. Rearrange the sequence of the toolbar buttons.

Bug Fixed:

1. Fixed: After searching lost partitions on GPT disk, the GUID of the existing partition was changed.
2. Fixed: While recovering lost files, the "$Extend" folder will be copied even not selected.
3. Fixed: When recovering deleted files, the program maybe crashed when the "Show normal files" option is selected.
4. Fixed: After restoring a NTFS partition from an image file, CHKDSK may report errors on the partition.
5. Fixed: On the function of "clone disk", the program maybe crashed after a disk is selected.
6. Fixed: The "Create new partition" dialogue for creating a GUID partition, when the partition type is changed, the partition type GUID does not automatically changed.
7. Fixed: While PartitionGuru is running, the removable disk can not be dismounted even if not be opened.
8. Fixed: Sometimes the partition table backup can not be restored because of the program crash.
9. Fixed: Can not load the FAT/FAT32 partition with single File Allocation Table(FAT).
10. Fixed: Can not change the volume name of a hidden partition under Windows 7 system.
11. Fixed: On the function of "Quick Partition", when set the last partition as primary, a little free space on the tail of the disk maybe not allocated.
12. Fixed: After a Quick Partition under Windows 7 system, some unwanted drive letters maybe generated.
13. Fixed: When open some memory cards the program maybe crashed.

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